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More work today!

Hey guys just wanted to check in with all you Seahawks fans…..still doing work on the site and working hard to put out a good product for all-ya’ll!  The old radio guy and I are putting together our notes for the show this week.  We will be talking about the Offense this week and doing a large scale overview.  Just a couple of things to look forward to:

-We don’t think the Offensive line is as bad as national media seems to think they are

-We believe that we have some of the best recievers in the NFL

-Is the run game really the big problem or is it something else?

-Jimmy Graham is gone, is that a problem?

Any “xtra points” you’d like us to cover?   Also taking suggestions on anything you’d like to see on the site.  Help us help you!  And as always like, share, follow!dfd

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