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“Ground Chuck”

For all of us life-long Seahawk fans, the passing of former Hawk head coach Chuck Knox is a tough one and reminds us of the rich history of our Seahawks.

The first thing that comes to mind for me is the season he took us to our first ever foray into the playoffs.  It was an exciting year and Chuck’s brand of football was very sort of smash-mouth compared to what most current 12’s are accustomed to.  He was old school and always had a kind of grumpy-old-man demeanor about him, which instilled a confidence our fledgling franchise hadn’t experienced until Chuck came along.  If you remember those days fondly as I do, then you are likely a Seahawk life-er.  We never heard of 12’s back then, but we were 12’s – win, lose or draw.  Wasn’t as difficult to get a ticket back then and the Cheapseats in the Kingdom were REALLY cheap albeit – kinda dark and dingy  when you’re honest with yourself.   But Ground Chuck changed all that, because it changed our expectations.  I think Chuck helped us all grow up and believe we were no longer the “expansion” franchise and it was time to  act like winners and expect to be winners.

So add ‘Ground’ Chuck Knox’s name to the Seahawks hall of fame and to those men that built what we all enjoy today as one of the top tier football franchises in the NFL.  You may have passed Chuck, but you live on in the hearts of true Seahawk fans.


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