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Important updates!

Hey everyone!  There have been a TON of updates on the site…..well some of them you may not see but they were made.  We have a email list to subscribe to that only took me 4hrs to figure out how to put it up, the latest podcast has been moved to the front page, and I have a totally crazy picture of me and pops when I was like 5 so that’s fun.  We also have a new Twitter account! check us out for updates! Hello to our Ireland friend by the way!  Send me an email let me know what you think of the site!  Today I saw that someone from India had checked us out and the other day a couple of people from Japan.  So keep spreading the good word and Like Share Follow!  Every day we are trying to make improvements and cater to the 12’s just like us.  Soon we’ve been talking about putting a link on the site so you can purchase tickets….Speaking of that we hear at LOVE the cheap seats because that’s what we can afford, but damn man I was looking yesterday and saw tickets for the Green Bay game, MINIMUM $213!!! WTF!  That gives new meaning to the cheap seats…. maybe the cheapest seat is my couch!  Think of the kind of shindig we could have for $500 (2 tickets and a couple of beers).  Anyway check it out, make some comments let me know what’s broken on the site and how I can make it better.  Thanks for bearing with us.

Go Hawks.



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