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New and improved

Before you say anything I know….I know this is a site for the 12’s and we haven’t hit much about the Chickens lately but I swear that is about to be all we talk about.  Rob50 and I are super excited with how things have been going lately and we are just trying to keep the “cheap seats” updated!  We are developing the site and it’s coming along.  Over the past week we’ve gotten a new Twitter account ( @seattlehawktalk ) and our new FB page that we are slowly pushing information and content too. ( Facebook ).  Rob50 and I have already started to put together content for next weeks show where we will be talking about the coaching staff, changes, what we’d expect to see, and the value as a whole and not the single pieces standing alone.  So no is the time.  We need your help.  It’s time to make some pushes this week and NEED you to start Like, Share, Follow – ing, all of this stuff and letting us know what kind of links you’d like to see on this page.  Would you like a link to by Seattle Swag from the NFL shop or some independent retailers?  Would you like to be able to buy tickets to a game?  Travel tickets?  My favorite beers?  Whatever it is let us know.  LIKE SHARE FOLLOW!  As always thanks for tuning in, I look forward to hearing more from all of you!

This is the way to get some thinking done!


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