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New Faces

I always get pumped at this time of year because of the new faces coming into camp with the Seahawks. And it’s not just exciting draft picks like Shaquem Griffin and Rashad Penny. It’s names that are not household words or even remotely familiar to Seattle fans.
I’m talking guys like D.J Fluker and Barkevious Mingo who were brought in through free agency who have huge upsides for the Hawks and fill gaps and/or elevate the positional competition. Want to get excited? Click on Bark Mingo’s name and see if you agree with me.
But it’s not just guys like Mingo who were former first round picks – it’s guys who you never heard of before and didn’t even get invited to the combine. Beau50 directed my attention to Poona Ford out of Texas. WHO? Exactly.
Here’s the deal; Pete Carroll and John Schneider have had a knack for finding guys that slipped through the cracks of NFL scouting. Seahawk Doug Baldwin is undeniably one of the best wide-outs in the game and he went undrafted. Pete saw something that fit the Seahawk system and voila! All pro. Russel Wilson was too short according to the prototypical NFL standard for QB’s, but most analysts have him in the ‘conversation’. Pete Carroll and john Schneider have a system that doesn’t even make sense if you’re going to measure it against NFL standards, but it seems to be a system where they have decided on a specific skill set for each specific position on the team and then set out to find it. And it doesn’t matter WHERE they find it. That baffles analysts and Monday morning quarterbacks because they’re looking at the decisions on players through the NFL standard lens. That’s a recipe for confusion. Ya have to look at it through the lens of the Seattle Seahawks.
One other thing; the Seahawks find guys who have something specific between their ears. NFL history is littered with guys who had great stats but were a pain in the ass to coach and disruptive to the locker room. Pete gets a lot of crap for being a rah-rah guy, but if you’ve ever played on a winning team it’s hard NOT to agree that your team becomes a band-of-brothers, that’s as good as having an extra man on the field.
The Extra Point: Get excited about all the new faces coming into training camp. There are some future stars coming in that we’ve never heard of and I’d be willing to bet that in the next few years you’re gonna want to buy their jersey.

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