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Seattle Hawk Talk

As you cruise the internet tonight I am throwing our hat into the ring to become one of your go to websites for all things Chicken related!  Let the 12’s rise up and become a power of LSFS (like share follow subscribe).  I’ve spent a fair amount of time today looking over some things that will contribute to the impact each coach will have on this organization over the upcoming year.  I can’t wait to share it with you on the podcast coming later this week!  For those of you that saw the article I talked about this morning go back to the “tale of two griffins” blog!  Click on it and inside you’ll find an embedded version of our podcast.  You can find all of our old podcasts in older blog posts…..I’m working on something cleaner but for now!  Go forth read, educated, agree or disagree let me know how you feel!  In the meantime thanks for allowing us to give you some xtra points to think about!  You are the best!



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