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You must be Crazy….

That’s what I hear a lot when people get of my latest project or goal.  But whatever…’s exciting to learn new things and develop ideas into tangible products, SO much fun.  And like I’ve said before the fact that I get to do with my pops!  So cool.

This week we are going to tackle (see what I did there?) the coaching staff in our podcast.  We are going to give you a couple “xtra points” to think about some things from a different perspective than national media.  Tune in this week keep your eyes peeled!  Hey if you don’t wanna do that, there is a pop-up on the home page that you can sign up for our email list and get a quick notice of what’s new and what’s going on!  PLEASE sign up.  Let’s get this thing up and rolling.  Time to put the power of the 12’s to work and get rid of that west coast bias.  This is the place to get some good info and we look at nothing else but Seahawk info and information that is “mission critical” to our team.

Shout out to our person in Ireland!  Let us know how you are doing and what you’d like to hear across the pond!

Btw did anyone else read that article by @SeahawksMachine?  I found it on one of the standard websites….anyway someone actually said what Pops and I have been screaming for a while now….Shaquem Griffin ( @shaquemgriffin ) measures better as a safety than a LB and when you start to think of him ranging the middle like the bully who set the standard ( kam Chancellor/ @Kam_Chancellor ) it get’s really (really really really) exciting.  That speed, tenacity, capacity for game changing plays, and competitive nature, looking to punish those who would dare get more than 4yds a play!  I need to stop because I just started drooling.

Well, we have now entered the talking about the Seahawks and not the website zone!  Tune in to read more whenever the mood hits us!  As always


Go Hawks!

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