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Trust the Seahawk System

I have to laugh at some of the stupid stuff  pundits are saying about the Seahawks of late.  If you believe what they’re saying the Hawks are destined to have another sub-par season.  Couldn’t disagree more.  They continue to base that on their lack of knowledge about Pete Carroll’s system, the off season acquisitions, the dynamics of the salary cap, the removal of disruptive influences in last year’s locker room and their thought that former players no longer with the program were devastating losses.

Start with the grilling the Seahawks got over their selection of Rashad Penny.  Some draft analysts gave the pick a C+ grade.  Go check out the comparative YouTube video between Penny and Saquon Barkley.   Pete Carroll is thrilled and excited to have Penny and Seahawk fans should be too.

In fact, (and we said this in a previous Xtra Point Podcast) we would have had a better than average season simply by the addition of the off season pick ups and recovery from injury for veterans already on the team.   Think about these Xtra points; A healthy Chris Carson, healthy linebackers in K.J and Bobby, a healthy George Fant, the addition of D.J. Fluker and Bark Mingo and a consistent kicker that would have given us two more wins last season.  Then consider another year of experience under their belt for Ethan Pocic on the O-Line and Dion Jordan on the D-Line (4 sacks in 5 games last year).  And all of that before you added anyone of the guys in the draft.

Listen.  If the stupid stuff coming out of the mouths of some of these uninformed pundits has you worried – stop.  The Seahawks are going to have a good year.  I’d say if you like to play the rile of Chicken Little and run around screaming about the sky falling, then worry about how the NFC West has the makings of being one of the toughest in the NFL this year.   The Rams and 49ers are both going to be tough games this year and accounts for 4 of the games on the Seahawk schedule.  Good news is – two of those games will have the daunting 12th Man on the field.  Go Hawks!

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