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I hate kids

It was kind of a dreary Wednesday around here…..I just sat around chasing an infant around the house.  Yeah that sucks.  We all know it nobody will say….except me.  Whenever I do people look at me like I am insane.  Yeah people these are the best F ing days of our lives, I got bags under my eyes I need coffee to function because a “good night sleep” is a concept I feel like I understood once but oh so long ago.  Whenever you feel like you’re having a good moment they start screaming or crying and then come the naps.  You’d think the nap time would be awesome….it’s not.  You walk around the house thinking of all the things you COULD be doing and not doing what you ACTUALLY could be doing.  Then they wake up and you think of all the stuff you SHOULD have done.  Yeah it’s a vicious cycle and then you start drinking.  Well I know that has nothing to do with the 12’s or the chickens but hey, at least Dad and I actually got the podcast laid down!  It’ll be out and on the site in a couple days at most!  I’m excited about it.  I look forward to hearing what Ya’ll have to say about it!  If you hear any banging in the background that’s just Bodi being a dick.

Before any of you start calling CPS, we had some good moments of growling at each other today too.  He’s alright I guess.

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