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Alright today is a big day!  Maybe not for you but for me, it’s a big day.  We are officially up on iTunes now!  We are getting ALL of our content loaded up but the bottom line is you can now find us there!    I’m very excited about this development and maybe just maybe I can stop talking about the website and get down to what we really want to chat about, Seahawks.  Our podcast  “50-50 Xtra Points from the Cheap Seats” can be found by searching just that on iTunes.  It has a link to our website on there as well so you can keep updated on what we are talking about today.  For instance:

This article I saw on BR today talks about Schotty and Wilson and the challenge it represents…..Can we stop using words like “challenge”  Yeah I get we live in a fully PC world where everyone gets a trophy but hey THIS JUST IN:  WE DIDN’T.  We didn’t get one last year.  We didn’t even get an invite to the dance.  We got ousted.  And some of that responsibity lies on the shoulders of “second coming” Russell Wilson.  Yeah, I love the guy too.  I think he has MORE in him though.  I think he has better in him.  I think he can be a proffessional and be even more devastating than the stats devastator he is right now.  It’s really neat to crush stats, but go ask Dan Marino how many of his records he’d give up to have a SB ring or two.  Seriously man I love that he’s mobile but you know, and I’m just shooting from the hip here, if you get rid of the ball quicker won’t that negate some of the running around you do?  Wouldn’t that also limit Russell’s exposure to hits?  I read articles like the one mentioned above and I can’t help but think that the national media is catching on.

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