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Leadership Under Fire

I have a different viewpoint on a story that seems to be gaining traction.  It is also kind of pissing me off to be honest.  You can go and check almost any of your sources that you frequent and Cliff Avril has come out and said that because of the loss to the Patriots in 2015 the “team” started to question Pete.  (here’s a link if you haven’t seen it)  Let’s review Pete got you to a second Super Bowl in consecutive years and you were in a VERY good position to win the game and came up short because of a multitude of factors.

Malcom Butler makes one of the great plays in SB history.

Russell Wilson throws the ball in the most incorrect spot you could possibly throw it, that ball needs to be low and away to put his reciever on the ground and be out of reach for Malcom to make that play.  No one ever talks about Marshawn being open, like WIDE open on the other side of the formation.  For all of the accolades that Russell gets, this play exemplifies why there are more improvements to be made.  Because as a play call there were two options available that would have scored touch downs but they hinged on Russell making the correct throw….he did not.

So there’s that, but also and here’s where I start to get a little pissed and ask that people have a bit of vision.  Let’s not forget through all of the things that they do for the community these are still fairly young men.  They have rarely been put in the role of true leadership….leadership on the field yes, but they are the “enlisted” not the command staff, the “Generals” who are responsible for the development of game strategy, philosophy, and so much more.

So these young men get on their pulpit of percieved power and start to speak out/rebel against a coach who has taken them to the promise land.  A General who has led them to glory.  But the minute the “tough” shows up you bail.  You are not a leader.  You are a fake.  You pose as a leader in the locker room.  You lead because you are speaking louder than the man who is CHOOSING to back your play and hope that you develop as a man.  He has brought you to where you are fellas.  And this isn’t just Cliff, please read that this also applies to Sherm and Bennett.  Don’t forget Michael where you were prior to the Seahawks.  You were a productive player toiling in the trenches of obscurity.  When Pete and John brought you into the fold you truly became the game changer you are today.  They GAVE you the platform you speak from today.  And in return your respect and reverance shown is that you disrespect him publicly to further your own platform.

Truth be told those who are paying attention are seeing children acting out against daddy.  They have cut off their nose to spite their face.

As a Veteran, as a FireFighter, I’ve truly seen what it is to “lead under fire” and you don’t just abandon your leaders.  You show true leadership through following them in the tough times and supporting their actions.  You back your brothers play.  You did not do that, YOU were the demise of the Legion of Boom”.  You were the demise of one of the most dominant defenses ever fielded.  Think of the power and opportunity that you had and just ignored.  A defense, a team, a philosophy that was battle tested, had gone through failure and come out stronger on the other side.  All you had to do was to buy in, to do what TRUE leaders do.  You had the opportunity to be the voice in the storm and you failed.  Instead you carried the message of the storm to a greater scale.  That isn’t what leaders do.  I have forgotten more about leadership than you may ever know, but the real disappointment is that you don’t even recognize your failure.  Maybe time, age, and maturity will change you.  I have doubts.

So to Pete, you keep doing you.  You put yourself out in front of every comment, every rumor and said “not them, ME”.  You LEAD with passion and maturity through the storm.  You gave opportunity after opportunity for them to “buy in” and you saw what I saw, a team that was ONE decision away from another Super Bowl.  THEY never made that decision.  I am proud to have you as a coach of the 12’s.  As parents, leaders, supervisors, and coaches we can only teach so much, there has to be a learned component.  You can show them the road but they must choose to walk the road even through adversity.  You are doing a great job.  Keep being the voice in the storm.  We used to have a saying in some of the work I did while in the service and I’d encourage you to keep following that model.  Continue to bring the “Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action” in all that you do. Continue to mold young men into even greater men by being the example of what leadership looks like at all levels.

Go Hawks.


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