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I hate kids

It was kind of a dreary Wednesday around here…..I just sat around chasing an infant around the house.  Yeah that sucks.  We all know it nobody will say….except me.  Whenever I do people look at me like I am insane.  Yeah people these are the best F ing days of our lives, I got bags under my eyes I need coffee to function because a “good night sleep” is a concept I feel like I understood once but oh so long ago.  Whenever you feel like you’re having a good moment they start screaming or crying and then come the naps.  You’d think the nap time would be awesome….it’s not.  You walk around the house thinking of all the things you COULD be doing and not doing what you ACTUALLY could be doing.  Then they wake up and you think of all the stuff you SHOULD have done.  Yeah it’s a vicious cycle and then you start drinking.  Well I know that has nothing to do with the 12’s or the chickens but hey, at least Dad and I actually got the podcast laid down!  It’ll be out and on the site in a couple days at most!  I’m excited about it.  I look forward to hearing what Ya’ll have to say about it!  If you hear any banging in the background that’s just Bodi being a dick.

Before any of you start calling CPS, we had some good moments of growling at each other today too.  He’s alright I guess.

If you love Bodi, like share follow and subscribe!  Lots more pics of the little A-hole coming up!


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Podcast coming soon!

Dad and I tried to lay it down today…..but it didn’t work out!  A combination of factors contributed to not being able to do it, but we are pretty pumped for how this is going to eventually go down.  We are hoping to put it to record tomorrow and maybe have it ready by Friday.  Keep checking in for updates and sign up for our email.  We’ve been discussing all things Seattle Hawks and there’s some good things happening!  What is the national media saying that you can’t stand?  Is anyone else excited about the season getting underway?  I am super pumped and can’t get enough information lately!  LIKE SHARE FOLLOW and Subscribe to our email would ya!



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Trust the Seahawk System

I have to laugh at some of the stupid stuff  pundits are saying about the Seahawks of late.  If you believe what they’re saying the Hawks are destined to have another sub-par season.  Couldn’t disagree more.  They continue to base that on their lack of knowledge about Pete Carroll’s system, the off season acquisitions, the dynamics of the salary cap, the removal of disruptive influences in last year’s locker room and their thought that former players no longer with the program were devastating losses.

Start with the grilling the Seahawks got over their selection of Rashad Penny.  Some draft analysts gave the pick a C+ grade.  Go check out the comparative YouTube video between Penny and Saquon Barkley.   Pete Carroll is thrilled and excited to have Penny and Seahawk fans should be too.

In fact, (and we said this in a previous Xtra Point Podcast) we would have had a better than average season simply by the addition of the off season pick ups and recovery from injury for veterans already on the team.   Think about these Xtra points; A healthy Chris Carson, healthy linebackers in K.J and Bobby, a healthy George Fant, the addition of D.J. Fluker and Bark Mingo and a consistent kicker that would have given us two more wins last season.  Then consider another year of experience under their belt for Ethan Pocic on the O-Line and Dion Jordan on the D-Line (4 sacks in 5 games last year).  And all of that before you added anyone of the guys in the draft.

Listen.  If the stupid stuff coming out of the mouths of some of these uninformed pundits has you worried – stop.  The Seahawks are going to have a good year.  I’d say if you like to play the rile of Chicken Little and run around screaming about the sky falling, then worry about how the NFC West has the makings of being one of the toughest in the NFL this year.   The Rams and 49ers are both going to be tough games this year and accounts for 4 of the games on the Seahawk schedule.  Good news is – two of those games will have the daunting 12th Man on the field.  Go Hawks!

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Seattle Hawk Talk

As you cruise the internet tonight I am throwing our hat into the ring to become one of your go to websites for all things Chicken related!  Let the 12’s rise up and become a power of LSFS (like share follow subscribe).  I’ve spent a fair amount of time today looking over some things that will contribute to the impact each coach will have on this organization over the upcoming year.  I can’t wait to share it with you on the podcast coming later this week!  For those of you that saw the article I talked about this morning go back to the “tale of two griffins” blog!  Click on it and inside you’ll find an embedded version of our podcast.  You can find all of our old podcasts in older blog posts…..I’m working on something cleaner but for now!  Go forth read, educated, agree or disagree let me know how you feel!  In the meantime thanks for allowing us to give you some xtra points to think about!  You are the best!



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You must be Crazy….

That’s what I hear a lot when people get of my latest project or goal.  But whatever…’s exciting to learn new things and develop ideas into tangible products, SO much fun.  And like I’ve said before the fact that I get to do with my pops!  So cool.

This week we are going to tackle (see what I did there?) the coaching staff in our podcast.  We are going to give you a couple “xtra points” to think about some things from a different perspective than national media.  Tune in this week keep your eyes peeled!  Hey if you don’t wanna do that, there is a pop-up on the home page that you can sign up for our email list and get a quick notice of what’s new and what’s going on!  PLEASE sign up.  Let’s get this thing up and rolling.  Time to put the power of the 12’s to work and get rid of that west coast bias.  This is the place to get some good info and we look at nothing else but Seahawk info and information that is “mission critical” to our team.

Shout out to our person in Ireland!  Let us know how you are doing and what you’d like to hear across the pond!

Btw did anyone else read that article by @SeahawksMachine?  I found it on one of the standard websites….anyway someone actually said what Pops and I have been screaming for a while now….Shaquem Griffin ( @shaquemgriffin ) measures better as a safety than a LB and when you start to think of him ranging the middle like the bully who set the standard ( kam Chancellor/ @Kam_Chancellor ) it get’s really (really really really) exciting.  That speed, tenacity, capacity for game changing plays, and competitive nature, looking to punish those who would dare get more than 4yds a play!  I need to stop because I just started drooling.

Well, we have now entered the talking about the Seahawks and not the website zone!  Tune in to read more whenever the mood hits us!  As always


Go Hawks!