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Don’t Be a Moron……

This is a saying that I say to myself and others OFTEN.  This is a saying that I find myself saying a lot as you read/hear some of the stupid ass things that some of the “prognosticators” are saying.  I don’t have anything VERY specific today, just the same old, same old lame theories of what Seattle is trying to do.  Or some of my favorites lately are some of the articles that are coming out that DIRECTLY CONTRADICT another article you’ve read somewhere else.  Is anyone paying attention?  I mean come on, how is it possible that Duane Brown is awesome, Ethan Pocic is part of the “best under 25″ team, Britt is a solid all pro, Fluker is a road grader, and Ifedi is on track to be one of the better lineman in the NFL AND STILL HAVE A CRAP OL?!!!!  Yeah I get it that is a run on sentence.  But come on seriously!  How can the individuals be solid and yet the team doesn’t work…..I doubt it….seems a little more coaching philosophy and game strategy to me.  Or how about the continued conversation about how, other than Doug Baldwin our receiving core is terrible?  Really?  Did Russell throw the ball to himself last year?  I mean everyone is sucking his nuts and raving about how amazing he is after last years amazing statistical season…..was no one on the other end of that pass?  I for one couldn’t be more excited about our receiving core.  I love Doug of course and for those of you that are learning or trying to learn the Wide Receiver position watch Doug, watch his routes, watch his blocking, watch what he does off the ball when plays go away from him.  I’m excited about Amarah Darboh is set to make a big step, mark my words.  I continue to be excited to see what Tanner McEvoy will do if given the chance.  I mean let’s just dream you little dreamers for a moment of a set with 6’6″ McEvoy and 6’5” B. Marsh lined up on the same side….Maybe even stick in a Vannett too……HOW WOULD YOU START TO GUARD THAT!?  Jaron Brown has been brought in and could see some good targets.  The point is I love this group.

We could go on like this all day…..point is DON’T BE A MORON.  Check out the athletic profiles of the people that we have.  Don’t just look at the stats, look beyond that and know  Pete is a great developer of talent.

We will have a podcast coming out soon so stay tuned.  As always like share follow!  Sparkling Hawk Flag

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9-7 OR 11-5

Only Hawk Fan at the Colts vs Seattle


There’s an old saying in my family; a lot of little turds make a big pile of crap.  And when ya think about it, that fits the 2017 edition of the Seattle Seahawks.  The Hawks went 9-7 and out of the playoffs for the first time in years… but, from one viewpoint they were just 4 missed field goals away from 11-5 and Champs of the NFC west.

Now I hate to put the success or failure of the entire season on the shoulder pads of one guy, but the first turd was the case of 4 missed field goals.  Every coach on the planet will tell you it boils down to the three phases of the game, offense, defense and special teams…that’s why they have special teams COACHES!

Turd #1 Two games was all it took to unleash the deluge of dissing and criticism for a lousy season and a torrent of trash talk on the offensive line.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

Loss #1 went to the redskins 17-14… 3 missed field goals from 39, 44 and 49… final score?? 23-17.  Now there are a lot of NFL kickers with the leg to legitimately go after 50-yarders, but lets put the benchmark for a solid kicker at 45 and in.  That would have put the game tied and on it’s way to overtime at the very least.

Loss #2 went to the Cardinals and the NFC Championship… 26-24…. field goal from 48??  No good!  Seahawks went home for the playoffs.

Turd#3; The offensive line.  Like I said, ya can’t put the entire blame for the big pile of crap on just one turd.  So why did the offensive line get the avalanche of disrespect from the local and national sports media.  I personally think it was misplaced to a great degree.

Xtra Point #1 – injuries.  George Fant was making excellent progress and had already advanced to middle of the pack in terms of quality NFL lineman.  The expectation was for that to continue.  Left tackle is a tough one to replace in mid-season, much less mid game.

Xtra Point#2 – Shuffling the personal to compensate for the injury.  Guys were being moved all over the place in an effort to find the right combination.  That is extremely disruptive to the flow and concert like execution of complex blocking schemes by 300 pound men going at full speed.  That’s why you’re hearing talk right now about how disruptive it is for guys to miss OTA’s and training camp.  Like yer mom used to say, “practice makes perfect”.  Ask any coach – when it comes to the ‘O’-Line functioning as a cohesive unit, that old saying is never more true.

Xtra Point #3 – Youth.  This crap about the Seahawk front office not doing anything to build a better offensive line is just that.  Justin Britt is an excellent center and a part of the Super Bowl team.  They paid big to get Duane Brown and (sticking with last year)  the two young guys that will likely be very solid guys for a long time are Pocic and Ifedi.  But last year they were making young guy mistakes.  Check back with me around game 4 this season.  I think you’ll want to keep both of those guys.  This year it’ll be rookie Jamarco Jones making stupid mistakes.

Turd#4 Russell Wilson holding onto the ball for longer than all other QB’s in the NFL except 1.  Ya gotta ask, how long should you expect an ‘O’-Line to hold the pocket when you have all pro rushers making a kid in his second year look silly… Ifedi had a very long season. The irony there is that Wilson gets all the credit for rescuing the season with his scrambling ability but none of the criticism for not throwing the timing routes ON TIME.  Doug Baldwin should be hacked off since his stats went down and got the rap for having a mediocre season.  Not very hard to do when you don’t get targeted.

Turd#5 The running game sucked and (see above) Russell Wilson was the #1 rusher in terms of yardage during the season.  Review Turd#4 and all of my previous injury comments.

Turd#6 Injuries on Defense.  Sherman out.  Chancellor out.  Both Bobby Wagner and K.J. were out briefly.  Griffin out briefly.  Avril out.  But even in the face of that the defense was better than 20 of 32 teams in the NFL.  Wow, credit goes to Pete Carroll and the Seahawk philosophy of ‘next man up’.

So here’s the big Xtra Point;  Every one of these turds is getting cleaned up or already has.  So what stunk up Century Link like a big pile of crap….although I don’t think it was anywhere near as bad, in fact I think was a heroic effort considering all of the adversity -Is gonna smell a lot more like another run to the playoffs this season.


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I wish I could yell louder!


So the scenario is this….I call to chat with the old man (Rob50) for a couple of minutes about our next podcast and end up yelling about our LB situation for half an hour.  Poor Bodi (my 1yr old son featured in many pictures) is crawling, walking, and falling around the house completely oblivious to the biggest weakness on this Seahawks team that no one is talking about.  Dad and I have been talking about it since the draft and yet here we are in OTA’s and no progression!

We have an emergent situation developing at LB in Seattle…..Now before you go all agro follow me through this thing.

I agree we have a couple of the best ones in the NFL!  KJ and Bobby are undeniably one of the best duos in the NFL.  Mingo is someone I am very very excited about.  He has the potential to be another great addition to what I see as a great “starting” group.

When we leave the starting line-up however my breath becomes a little rapid and strained.  I am worried.

DJ Alexander: Played serviceable and yet sparingly behind Whilhoite who started most of the season.  Even then DJ was also splitting time with Garvin.  To say my level of confidence is high on him would be an understatement, I hope that I am wrong.

Shaquem Griffin: Ya’ll know how I feel about this kid, at least you should at this point, if not go back listen to podcasts read another article!  I love this kid….BUT I don’t think he’s a LB.  I think he is the Heir-apparent to Kam Chancelor!  I will say this even when he starts as a LB.  He’s a better fit there for us.  Football is all about getting the BEST 11 on the field and this allows us to do that and when we do go into that 4-2-5 look we can still bring him down into the box and allow him to play much like a LB anyway!  There’s also some fun stuff you could do by bringing him on Safety Blitz packages that would be complicated to defend and a lot of fun to watch.  Besides that seems like the best way to expand a role he’s already comfortable in and limit some of the weaknesses.

Warren Long:  Ummm WHO!?  yeah I didn’t know either so I looked him up.  This seems like a project at best.  And he’s undersized at 218!!?  I don’t really know what his deal is and I’m not sure the team has the time or can afford to figure it out!?  He played RB at NorthWestern and made the transition to LB as a Senior…..forgive me for not oozing confidence.

Dadi Nicolas:  Again forgive me for not brimming over with confidence.  3yr vet w/ 2 years in Kansas City.  I don’t really know that their LB room is all that good to begin with and he was cut from that…..It doesn’t go far to inspire confidence in his ability to back up two of the best in the game. THIS JUST IN…..HE WAS WAIVED TODAY!

Austin Calitro:  6′ 240lbs…..this is almost the extent of information I have and can find on the guy.  Practice squad guy, a few different teams INCLUDING US!  What the crap is going on here….we’ve seen him we know him….maybe we are thinking KNjr can do soemthing different with him!

KJ and Bobby are two of the best playing the game and I recognize that.  There is obviously going to be fall off from there if one of those guys goes down.  But you are talking about some BIG fall off.  Are you gonna stick Warren Long out in a Defense to replace either one of those guys…..It makes my butt hole tight thinking about it, really.

Let me make a quick case for one of my favorites…..

Ben Boulware:  Clemson, 2 yr floating around the league.  Captain on a Clemson National Championship team.  Defensive MVP of title game.  Doesn’t show well, doesn’t test well, but watch the film that SOB is alway around the ball.  He is always where he should be and has a “game speed” that I really enjoy watching.  Taking a “flier” on him is much more valuable than some kid who played LB for 1 year in college.

Final thought:  If you aren’t paying attention to this story line you should be.  Bobby and KJ are sitting at years 7 and 8 career.  They’ve already outlasted the 3.3yr avg.  They’ve been to Pro Bowls and the Super Bowl.  But how much longer are they going to be around playing at this level?  What is the plan behind them?  What happens if either one of those guys goes down……much less BOTH?!!!  I believe the team has done a pretty great job of increasing “positional group competition” throughout the roster….except here and it has me worried a bit.



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Here it is folks!  A new podcast.  In this episode we focused on some of the wierd stuff people have said over the past few weeks.  It still boggles my mind that some of these old story lines are still being talked about in the national media.  But that’s why Dad and I started this whole thing!  We sincerely just want people to see the greater picture.  Sure our take might not be the “right” take but it certainly is, or can be a different take then the national media!  I hope you all enjoy!





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Whussup with “Chickens”

Hey 12’s Rob50 here – just sitting gathering some background for another episode of 50/50 XTRA points.  But while I’m slaving away over my Dell laptop with a frosty micro-brew, it occurred to me that there are some things Beau50 and I say that might sound strange to you… (well stranger than some of the usual stuff we say).

Reading one of Beau50’s blog posts and he referred to our “Chickens”.  Gotta tell ya – that is NOT a derogatory term for us.  We use it with all the 12 love we got.  It came out of the delightfully twisted mind of my late brother-in-law, Mike McCool.  A truly crazy dude in the fondest sense.  He always cracked me up because he’d come up with the weirdest off the wall nick names for things.  He’s the guy that one day blurted out the term “Sea-Chickens”.  That was just one of many goofy names that he came up with during his time on earth.  Crazy crap like that is one of the things I miss most about him. Unfortunately, he passed away not too long ago, so therein was the end of a real source of goofy crap that made me laugh.  Deal is – it stuck.  I have fond memories of making him laugh until he begged me to stop, so back atcha Big-Mac…. May you rest in peace.  I miss the times we had.  Oh….and Go Sea-Chickens!