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You have to be kidding me!

Let me begin by saying I am VERY excited about this years Running Backs room as a whole.  I am excited about Rashaad Penny, like VERY excited.  I think he represents an unveiled committment to the run game.  We expended a large amount of draft capital to get who we thought represents the best opportunity to play to our identity.  But let’s stop being so myopic about the RB room and look at it as a whole and from the “positional group competition” perspective.

Chris Carson:  If you listen to and read everything you can regarding the Seahawks (like I do) you have heard Pete Carroll RAVE about this guy and how he looks already.  There was talk about him making it back at the end of last season but, like I believe the Seahawks typically do, they played it super conservative to ensure he was back to 100%.  This is something I have always appreciated about our chickens, it seems like they really take care after a guy goes to the IR that they work hard and getting them back to “full go” before bringing them back to the line-up.  I am excited about the body of work that we saw from Chris last season.  He plays bigger than his measurements.  When he runs he looks like a big back, but he’s only listed 6’1″ 215lbs.  But apparently coming into camp this year he’s pushing 225lbs.  So if last year you watched him run and it looks like he’s 230lbs just think what this year might be like!  He doesn’t go down in a stiff wind or if someone looks at him funny and he doesn’t get hurt after every play…..but we will get to that one.  He has good “twitch” a term I can’t f-ing stand by the way, with an explosive burst that makes people miss.  He was the obvious front-runner last year after watching Eddie “the slug” Lacey snail his way to the hole and Thomas “what the hell happened” Rawls seemed to not trust himself and just GO.  Carson hit the hole with reckless abandon and seemed to be able to slip to the second level on the regularly.  Some time to heal, some time to improve, and an organization backing you….I’m excited to see what he can do this year with the keys from day one.

J.D. McKissic:  I love this kid.  He has done everything you wanted out of CJ but doesn’t go on IR every 15min.  He catches the ball, makes people miss, and looks like a lighting bolt after he gets the ball.  He did everything we asked of him organizationally, and looks good doing it.  Sure he isn’t the prototypical size we usually like, but let’s stop looking at JUST that one thing and look at the kid as a whole.  He GETS IT DONE.  Yep, he probably wasn’t as much of a commodity because of his size but his production when given the opportunities can’t be argued with.  Last year, even though it was limited, his averages were tier one quality.  4.1 avg rushing yards.  Awesome.  266 yds receiving with a 7.8 yds per reception.  Epic.  By the way, did you see that reception against the Colts that went for 6….yeah he lined up as a receiver.  I love the opportunity to have a versatile weapon like this, and I don’t give two shits that he’s small.  He crushes.

Mike Davis:  While I like this guy because he always showed up last year and was Mr. Reliable I think he’s just going to be outclassed in a very talented room.  Your gonna need to be a bit better than Mr. Reliable.  He does however show a willingness to punish defenders and lower his shoulder when contact is imminent.  He shows a good burst and movement on the second level.  And my highlight moment is when he shoved Russell Wilson into a defender to get an extra yard against AZ.  Get out-of-the-way Russ.  I love the attitude.

CJ “are you F ing joking me” Prosise:  Can you believe this guy actually has a highlight video on YouTube.  Yeah I was surprised too!  I can’t believe he’s got enough games to put together to actually make an entire video.  Hold on did you feel that, there was a disturbance in the force and I think CJ is on IR AGAIN!  Look, it’s really neat that we brought him in to do some stuff that was unique and he’s even have had a moment of looking really good.  Then he got hurt again.  Sure I get it, some of it was fluky I mean seriously who breaks a scapula!  But the point is how long are we gonna keep this guy around paying him money and he’s sitting in the ice bath.  I hope the best but this is the guy that is on the edge of being cut to me.  It’s not Mike Davis as most of the media seems to think.  CJ Prosise is the guy to be cut first for me.  The minute he heads to the training table in the middle of practice or sneezes wrong I’d cut him.  It’s time bud to put up or shut up.  If you are going to be a piece of fine China that really looks good on the wall but is completely non-functional, I don’t have room for you on the team.

Rashaad Penny:  I wanted to save this for last because he’s the newest addition and who everyone is talking about because he was a first rounder and blah blah blah.  I’m excited for him just like everyone else is but I also am excited about Chris Carson.  These two together could be a fun thing to watch.  Call it a one two punch or whatever you want but this could be exciting.  How about bringing the split back formation back!  His explosiveness is something to be very excited about, IF it can transition to the NFL.  Remember, he still has to prove himself.  He still has to go out and show he can do it in a league he has NOT been playing in for the past year.  I think he can and I am very excited but it still remains to be seen.  So I guess I am being cautiously optimistic.

OVERALL:  This is a great room, full of a bunch of guys no one has really heard of.  I think the competition is going to be tight.  But I sincerely Schotty sees the talent in this room and starts to use some of the talent in creative ways.  I hope that Chris Carson turns in to a bruiser, bully type of running back that defenses are not excited to play against.  I hope we become physical bullies again.  In a world full of politically correct people, I cheer for my team to become a bully again.  Someone who strikes fear and anxiety into the hearts of our opponents.

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