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Whussup with “Chickens”

Hey 12’s Rob50 here – just sitting gathering some background for another episode of 50/50 XTRA points.  But while I’m slaving away over my Dell laptop with a frosty micro-brew, it occurred to me that there are some things Beau50 and I say that might sound strange to you… (well stranger than some of the usual stuff we say).

Reading one of Beau50’s blog posts and he referred to our “Chickens”.  Gotta tell ya – that is NOT a derogatory term for us.  We use it with all the 12 love we got.  It came out of the delightfully twisted mind of my late brother-in-law, Mike McCool.  A truly crazy dude in the fondest sense.  He always cracked me up because he’d come up with the weirdest off the wall nick names for things.  He’s the guy that one day blurted out the term “Sea-Chickens”.  That was just one of many goofy names that he came up with during his time on earth.  Crazy crap like that is one of the things I miss most about him. Unfortunately, he passed away not too long ago, so therein was the end of a real source of goofy crap that made me laugh.  Deal is – it stuck.  I have fond memories of making him laugh until he begged me to stop, so back atcha Big-Mac…. May you rest in peace.  I miss the times we had.  Oh….and Go Sea-Chickens!

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