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I wish I could yell louder!


So the scenario is this….I call to chat with the old man (Rob50) for a couple of minutes about our next podcast and end up yelling about our LB situation for half an hour.  Poor Bodi (my 1yr old son featured in many pictures) is crawling, walking, and falling around the house completely oblivious to the biggest weakness on this Seahawks team that no one is talking about.  Dad and I have been talking about it since the draft and yet here we are in OTA’s and no progression!

We have an emergent situation developing at LB in Seattle…..Now before you go all agro follow me through this thing.

I agree we have a couple of the best ones in the NFL!  KJ and Bobby are undeniably one of the best duos in the NFL.  Mingo is someone I am very very excited about.  He has the potential to be another great addition to what I see as a great “starting” group.

When we leave the starting line-up however my breath becomes a little rapid and strained.  I am worried.

DJ Alexander: Played serviceable and yet sparingly behind Whilhoite who started most of the season.  Even then DJ was also splitting time with Garvin.  To say my level of confidence is high on him would be an understatement, I hope that I am wrong.

Shaquem Griffin: Ya’ll know how I feel about this kid, at least you should at this point, if not go back listen to podcasts read another article!  I love this kid….BUT I don’t think he’s a LB.  I think he is the Heir-apparent to Kam Chancelor!  I will say this even when he starts as a LB.  He’s a better fit there for us.  Football is all about getting the BEST 11 on the field and this allows us to do that and when we do go into that 4-2-5 look we can still bring him down into the box and allow him to play much like a LB anyway!  There’s also some fun stuff you could do by bringing him on Safety Blitz packages that would be complicated to defend and a lot of fun to watch.  Besides that seems like the best way to expand a role he’s already comfortable in and limit some of the weaknesses.

Warren Long:  Ummm WHO!?  yeah I didn’t know either so I looked him up.  This seems like a project at best.  And he’s undersized at 218!!?  I don’t really know what his deal is and I’m not sure the team has the time or can afford to figure it out!?  He played RB at NorthWestern and made the transition to LB as a Senior…..forgive me for not oozing confidence.

Dadi Nicolas:  Again forgive me for not brimming over with confidence.  3yr vet w/ 2 years in Kansas City.  I don’t really know that their LB room is all that good to begin with and he was cut from that…..It doesn’t go far to inspire confidence in his ability to back up two of the best in the game. THIS JUST IN…..HE WAS WAIVED TODAY!

Austin Calitro:  6′ 240lbs…..this is almost the extent of information I have and can find on the guy.  Practice squad guy, a few different teams INCLUDING US!  What the crap is going on here….we’ve seen him we know him….maybe we are thinking KNjr can do soemthing different with him!

KJ and Bobby are two of the best playing the game and I recognize that.  There is obviously going to be fall off from there if one of those guys goes down.  But you are talking about some BIG fall off.  Are you gonna stick Warren Long out in a Defense to replace either one of those guys…..It makes my butt hole tight thinking about it, really.

Let me make a quick case for one of my favorites…..

Ben Boulware:  Clemson, 2 yr floating around the league.  Captain on a Clemson National Championship team.  Defensive MVP of title game.  Doesn’t show well, doesn’t test well, but watch the film that SOB is alway around the ball.  He is always where he should be and has a “game speed” that I really enjoy watching.  Taking a “flier” on him is much more valuable than some kid who played LB for 1 year in college.

Final thought:  If you aren’t paying attention to this story line you should be.  Bobby and KJ are sitting at years 7 and 8 career.  They’ve already outlasted the 3.3yr avg.  They’ve been to Pro Bowls and the Super Bowl.  But how much longer are they going to be around playing at this level?  What is the plan behind them?  What happens if either one of those guys goes down……much less BOTH?!!!  I believe the team has done a pretty great job of increasing “positional group competition” throughout the roster….except here and it has me worried a bit.



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