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Earl Podcast and some other thoughts….

So as I was looking at the last post I realized I made sure the newest podcast was on the front page player but not included in a blog….so here ya go!

As I continue to stew on this whole situation I can’t help but remember Steve Largent!  Maybe it’s cause Dad is in town and we are waxing poetic about when I was younger and a fan then.  Remember when Seattle was a perennial loser!?  Man as 12’s back then we would have been stoked for 9-7 instead of acting like the world was coming to an end! But back to Steve Largent, he was often critized for not going after more money.  His reply would always be something like, “we signed a contract and I will fulfill my obligation”.  Compare that to, “come get me bro”, or “I’ll be rich and happy somewhere”.  It’s a bit off putting.  I enjoy me some ETIII but “come get me bro”….really!?  I’ll be happy when this whole thing is over so we can get back to the game.  Not contracts, the game.  Where people come to compete and be better than yesterday.

Also as a side note….I don’t think Seattle is going to pay him.  I think if the right trade came they’d jump on it, just like you would jump on a better financial opportunity.  But they aren’t gonna give someone the deal of the century because Earl is being pissy.  Go ahead and pound your fists and cry like a toddler.  At the end of the day it is Earl who will lose out.  The market isn’t amazing for Safeties.  Sure, he will command top of the market, but if he holds out Seattle saves money, maybe spend it elswhere.  If he holds out all year some GM’s and coaches will be turned off and he shrinks the market.  So, good luck Earl.

I’m good.  Let him be a whining toddler.  Just let him be that outside the locker room.  We are trying to compete.  Trying to bring back the magic of a physically dominant, competitive team that doesn’t give up 40-7 games at home.  Because Earl that’s what I will remember.  The veteran leadership was still there last year pal.  Where were you then?  Were you bitching about coaching too much to rally the troops?

Hey I hope you guys enjoy the podcast.  Stand by for more.  Like Share Follow.  Help us get this thing a bit bigger!

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