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A little different…..

This post is going to be a bit different from anything else you potentially read today. If you’re looking for sports…we will get to that, but tonight something else.

For those of you who ACTUALLY know me you know that Veterans are a “thing” for me. Yes I am a Veteran too, but it’s more than that. As a citizen I am proud of them. All of them. Tonight I wanted to remind people that training camp is exciting. Hell I am excited more than most. But there are men and women that are overseas in Forward assignments that will only dream of the amount of information you and I take for granted.

I know it’s odd. Training camp started and this seems like a little bit of a downer. I just wanted to acknowledge my brothers and sisters and their fight. There will be emotionally charged articles, interviews, and demonstrations all year but here, on this site, this podcast, these good old 12’s at, we remember you. We will always tip the hat and take a moment to recognize your sacrifice and love.

For those of you who know a Veteran or Active duty person, reach out. I wish I could put the song on here that inspired this whole Blog. John Michael Montgomery’s “Letters from Home”. I’d post it but there are probably a hundred rules I’d break. But I can tell you, from experience it’s true, all of it. So reach out write a quick note. Help them “drive on” through whatever challenge they have.

We will get back to sports tomorrow but for tonight take a moment, not a knee, a moment to recognize them.


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