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Couple of housekeeping things…

Hey everyone, due to some valuable input from a good friend Dad and I are changing the name of the podcast to follow along and in line with our website!  Seattle Hawk Talk will now henceforth be the name.  It’s more searchable that way…..


Ok, everyone paying attention to all of the moves happening around camp?  Dad and I have a podcast coming out in the next couple of days where we briefly chat about a few things going on.  Here’s a question for ya’ll, just to get the wheels turning……If we are bringing in DRC do you think Maxwell is playing up to his potential?  Also, how are we feeling about the pass rushing situation?  I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit concerned about the Dion Jordan situation.  Well, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming podcast!  In the meantime, like, share, follow!

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