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Earl and Money Ball

Like I said in our last podcast about commenting on the “Earl Thing”; It’s not because we want to it’s because we have to…

Regarding the ongoing saga of Earl Thomas versus the Seattle Seahawks.  I get that it’s turned into an emotional thing for everybody, but Beau made a great point about this in our latest podcast – It’s not on the Seahawk front office, but rather on Earl…and here’s the extra point;  Somebody asked former Seahawk great and Hall of Fame wide receiver Steve Largent why he was unwilling to demand a new contract before it was up and his response was, “I signed a contract and I’m going to honor it”. That’s the response of an honorable man.

Go watch the movie “Money Ball”. The business of an NFL team is the need to stay competitive and the salary cap simply doesn’t allow a team to pay exorbitant contracts to a select few players and still have a consistently competitive team. Ya gotta find the best player for the money that you have in the budget for that position.  It’s like, ya can’t buy a new sports car when the roof leaks. You fix the roof and find a car you can afford. Ya gotta believe it’s a never-ending juggling act to field the best team with the budget allowed under the NFL salary cap…. to quote another sports movie, “This is show business, not show friends”.  Earl, the Hawks can’t afford to pay you AND the other guys who’ll also be in line for a better pay day in the next two years.  So, what do you want the Seahawks to do….pay Earl an even bigger salary and then next year tell Russel Wilson, Bobby, KJ and Frank Clark that you don’t have the money to pay them?  The only way that works is if there is no salary cap and NFL teams can spend money like drunken sailors on shore leave.  Even then there will be limits on what teams will pay for YOUR favorite player.


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