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2 Shows……

For those of you that are ONLY paying attention to our website and not following on Itunes or Soundcloud there are 2 more shows up and posted!  I will share the postgame in this blog but go to our main page and listen to our Arizona Pre-game.

I’ll be putting together another blog later to illustrate some more things that maybe we didn’t the time to cover on our Arizona pre-game show.  Always appreciate all of your input on the show.

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Dallas Pre-Game

So the Dallas game takes on a different hue with a bit of the continued Earl drama.  We cover a little of that and more in this weeks pre-game message.  Give it a listen and let us know what your thoughts are!

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Post MNF……

Here at Seattle Hawk Talk we love some us some Seahawks.  Yes at times it may feel almost overly critical….we have great expectations for our team that we love so much.  I will always be surprised when they lose because I believe in them so much.  I am a 12 through and through.  Whatever this season brings we are ready and excited.

In this weeks post game wrap up we talk about some of the things we saw…..What did you see….

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Can The Seahawks Beat the Bears

It was April and as fanatic football fans we were still talking about how the Philadelphia Eagles surprised the football world by beating the sometimes unbeatable New England Patriots.  But for football fans, April means Draft Day…. And Draft Day is every teams opportunity to fix what’s broken.  For really bad teams it means the possibility of getting a future franchise player that’ll dig them out of the dumper.

If you dig back in the Seattle Hawk Talk archives what you’ll find is Beau50 pitching the case for using the first pick on a Linebacker.  Our pick was Leighton Vander Esch now getting playing time with the Cowboys.  The “Extra Point” was what happens if Bobby and KJ both go down with injuries?  We felt a little of that last season when we were missing just one and it wasn’t fun.  So the “Extra Point”???   At the very least we needed to start to look for the future replacement for two guys who are still playing at a high level but are in that 30 year old range and have some really tough miles on those bodies.  Love ‘em as deeply as we do, the day will surely come when father time is knocking at the door and their days will sadly come to an end.

What we might see in Monday Night’s Game is some tough sledding with both Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright watching from the sidelines.  That’s why almost every prognosticator is talking about how the Seahawk secondary is going to have to really step up to keep this game competitive.

Is it a win-able contest for the Seahawks?  Sure but it’s also going to mean Russell Wilson needs to be on the same page with OC Shottenheimer and throw the ball on time.  Choosing shorter routes would be handy as we’ve talked about AT LENGTH on this website and in podcasts.  And I’m stepping out on a limb here and saying one of the keys may turn out to be the extent to which Brandon Marshall is targeted more than three times.

One last “Extra Point”; the running game.  For all the lip service given from camp to the opening of the season about how the Seahawks were recommitting to the run game, we sure didn’t see that in the first game in Denver.  Chris Carson has shown he can handle the job.  He got 7 carries in the first game loss to the Broncos.  I don’t see how you get it done this week without giving Carson the ball 20 plus times.  The fly in the ointment is Khalil Mack versus Germain Ifedi.  Give him the help he needs – use Will Dissly the way he works best (besides racking up 105 yards receiving) and have him help Ifedi contain the ALL WORLD Mack rushing off the edge.

Confident?  Guardedly. Optimistic?  Always.  We love our Hawks and we’re with ‘em all the way.  GO HAWKS!!

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Some thoughts on our new Roster…..

Business Cards are here!  I wanted something to drop to people occasionally to let them know there are more 12’s than people realize out there!  And the Main stream media isn’t the only way to get some Hawk info.


Pretty simple yet effective.  If anyone would like to spread our word via a physical entity let me know I’ll get some of these out to you!  And thank you for spreading the good word.

There is also a new Bodi picture and as he is kind of the unofficial mascot I’m excited to share it too.

SO much new including a NEW ROSTER!  I think we have some great things going on the roster.  Of course there are the occasional head scratchers (CJ Prosise is one for me but I hope I’m wrong) but overall I think we are in a good position to compete today.  Make no mistake, J&P are building a roster to compete for the big daddy every year.  They don’t try to compete every few years, they compete every year.  I like the Alex McGough move even though I thought he was a clear #2 and there wasn’t a need for Hundley.  But for those of you who are in love with Russell Wilson skip the next part.  The movement for the eventual Russell Wilson contract negotiation are already underway.  I don’t think his agent will be happy with the eventual offer from the Seahawks this offseason.  I also think that the Hawks have put themselves in a great position to move on FROM Wilson when he goes after Aaron Rodgers Money.  It’s a dollars and cents/common sense thing here and for those of you who are in love with Wilson (if you had the stones to keep reading) just get yourselves ready.  If Russell Wilson is your bench mark at say 100% and you can get 80% of that for what Seattle is paying their current back up $705k…..umm the value is so much better….Then you can use that money saved on other things like….KJ Wright, Frank Clark, A solid right Tackle.  There are a ton of things that we could spend that money on, would you rather have 1 Russell or 3 game changing players on the defense?  Just something to think about going forward.

Bottom line this is a good roster and should be more competitive season than people are giving us credit for.