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Post Game thoughts AZ

A win that by most accounts felt like more of a loss.  I am not talking about Earl….In fact I am excited he won’t be with us anymore!  I know, I know, that’s mean….but it doesn’t change the fact that I believe we will be stronger and have a higher ceiling without him than we did WITH him.  The locker room chemistry is the key here.  I believe we have a stronger potential without him…..I am done with Earl now.

Losing Uncle Will crushed me.  The guy was a man child and I was enjoying his part in the offense.  Crushing blocks, punishing runs, and an attitude that was determined.  It was exactly the way you wanted it to be and now we have to shift slightly.  I love me some Vannett for sure always have been a fan, I believe he needs more opportunities, but again losing Will is a crushing blow to me.

Give this post game podcast a listen and let us know how we are doing!

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1 thought on “Post Game thoughts AZ

  1. Super excited to see what this D does against the rams. Also pumped to see Fant fill in as an extra blocker/tight end! Run the ball, make quick throws against the rams front 7 and the hawks will come away with a W. This game reminds me of the eagles game last year, everybody wrote the hawks off and they won! These are the games hawks usually suprise people and grind out a win

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