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A little Pre-Game vs. RAMS

It’s a tough draw this week with the Rams coming to town!  I think that we will surprise some people with how competitive we will be in this game and I think we have a real shot to beat these guys.  I think the final score will be in the mid-twenties and the loser in the teens.  I don’t know who that’s going to be though.  I know that the Rams are HEAVILY favored but if Seattle can keep that offense off the field with a strong run game…we have a real shot.

Keep an eye on Russell’s “non-issue” hamstring.  And defensively we need a good strong showing from a talented group that is really starting to come together!  Give us a listen and hear some of our other extra points!

I will be enjoying an cold refreshing Elysian Beer on my couch with a bunch of friends cheering the boys along!  Cheers to everyone, as always Like Share Follow and let us know what you think!


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