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Chargers post Game and Rams pre

Hey guys, we’ve been busy, Rob50 Won an award at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters annual conference.  He was awarded 1st place in News Cast for the best news cast of the year.  Yes, for all of you who didn’t know Rob50 ALSO has a REAL job….not just editing this show.  But because of that conference we are getting this show out a bit late.  We will do better this week!  Enjoy the Game and GO HAWKS!




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Chargers Pre-Game

Yes I know it’s late….Like I said I’ve gotten a little behind on getting the stuff up and posted….What it doesn’t mean is that there is a lack of insight for the game or some piss poor product.  Again it’s a podcast somewhere in the 20min range to make sure that you don’t have to carve out an entire hour to hear some good stuff.  You can listen to this while taking a long……well you get the point.  Have a beer and listen in, as always like share follow!  Check our redesigned page out and let us know how we are doing!


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A little behind….

A lot going on in the world of  !  As a lot of you know this really isn’t my full time gig.  In fact it doesn’t even pay anything…..yet….  This is more of a labor of love for my Seahawks!  Got a couple of new podcasts up and running on the website.  Please take a listen!  They can be found on our front page in the playlist box….We got Raiders Post game and Lions pre-game up there.  We are working on the edit for this weeks post game should be up soon.  Thanks for bearing with us…..


In other news and mostly why I’ve gotten behind, I lost a dear friend this past week and my continued thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.  He was a good Fireman and an even better friend.  Shaun you will be missed.