About us


Hey fellow “Cheap Seater”  welcome to Seattle Hawk talk.  Thank you for visiting and poking around our website!  We encourage you to keep tuning in for various changes that are occurring as we are just getting this thing up and running (5/18).  Pops and I are having a great time with this thing.  It would seem initially like a lot of “work”, but if you are having a great time is it really work!?  Sure it’s kind of a side hustle and depending on  YOU it could turn out to be amazing, but at the end of the day it’s about being a 12.  It’s about being a fan from the West Coast and more specifically a North-West-er.  We are proud of the Seattle Sea-chickens.  We watched them in the Kingdom and cheer just as hard when they lose as when we become perennial winners.  Remember when the Kingdom would rubble as the wave would go around!?  Remember being so proud of having such quality humans on the team like Steve Largent!?  We’ve grown and changed a bit since then and we’ve started to win more than we lose but we are still 12’s and will be 12’s for a lot longer than those sitting in the front seats at the games.  We live in the cheap seats.  We drink beer, swear at the team when they aren’t playing up to expectations and cheer when they DO play to expectation.  We question everything the coaches decide and second guess every decision through the off-season.  So enjoy the view.  Let us know how we are doing.  Like Share Follow!  But most of all thanks for taking the time!
For a little more insight to who we are check out this podcast we did that we like to call, “Sitting out Back with Beer and Cigars”