Beau 50


FireFighter by day, football fan/critic/student/cheap seat connoisseur by night.

Hey everyone, I wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself to the audience.  We haven’t really done that on the show because we just kind of jumped in.  So here we go…..I’m probably not much different than a lot of other people in many respects but the  totality of my circumstances makes me unique, just like everyone.  I grew up loving football from as far back as I can remember.  One of my most valuable gifts was and still is a mini-football with a picture of Steve Largent.  Not only was he a great player and someone who is still easy to admire but he was a Seahawk.  Many of the dreams of my youth revolved around playing in the blue, silver, and green.  For a while I tried to realize those dreams, playing in High School and even a little JuCo ball.  This was just not meant to be however and I ended up walking a different path. I joined the US Coast Guard and grew into the man that I am today thanks be to a great many lessons learned while I was there.  Never, however, did I lose sight or lack love for football.  It has always been close to my heart and mind and looking back I am grateful for the experiences I have gleaned from team sports.  As I age (damn that stuff hurts doesn’t it!) I have come to appreciate the chess game involved in football.  Due to life’s circumstances I do not have the opportunity to coach or be involved in the game as I would like to be.  So here I am.  I bring with me a knowledge of leadership as it pertains to high stress action oriented environments.  An understanding of team dynamics and what it takes to succeed no matter the circumstances.  I have enjoyed watching the evolving game of football seeing the trends and being able to not just to watch the game but understand a great deal more of what’s happening and why.  I am also a long time West Coast Best Coast Believer.  That means I am acutely aware of the West Coast bias and the inability for major media markets to ever cover our Sea-Chickens the way that they should be covered.  We are a proud coast that has always believed in the Hawks.  I lived through the REALLY rough years and know that the Seattle market is truly unique and remarkable.  No matter if we are having a good season or bad, the true fans of the great NorthWest will always be around.  We are not fair weather fans.  So it is with all of this in mind that I am truly honored to carry the conversations of a father and son to you.  I am lucky to share this with the old man who has been in radio forever.  (truly I think he still has a copy of the interview he did with Jesus somewhere).  Mostly though, I’m blessed  by this endeavor, not because I think it’ll be my retirement plan, but because I get to do it with my Dad.  Just two idiots talking about football.  No matter where this goes it is already enough.  I hope you enjoy.