Rob 50

My journey as a forever Seahawks fan started before there was even a team.  I was starting my career in radio and TV with an internship at KIRO Radio and the city had just gotten word that it had been granted one of the two new NFL expansion franchises.  As it turned out, KIRO won the broadcast rights to do play-by-play of the games.  I was working as a gopher for KIRO’s program director and the station was getting ahead of the curve by conducting a nationwide search for a new sports director who could also do play-by-play.  I was in charge of sorting the deluge of daily demo tapes and resumes that were coming into the station.  I was given specific instructions that if it did not adhere to the highest broadcast standards, it immediately hit the trash.  After sorting through more than 700 tapes and resumes, KIRO hired Pete Gross who became the legendary voice of Seattle Seahawk Football.

Fast forward to a couple of years later and I was playing Top-40 music a few miles north on KBRC Radio in Mt Vernon, Washington.  It was a balmy evening in the summer of ’76 and I got a call from a guy who said he was in the marketing department with the Seattle Seahawks.  He was in town with a couple of the players for an appearance at the local Chevrolet dealership and wondered if I’d like to interview the guys on the radio.  “Uh – DUH, bring ‘em on over!”

20-minues later Jim Zorn and Steve Largent are in my studio and I’m doing an impromptu interview with the starting QB and wide receiver for the very first Seahawk team in the franchise’s history.  Dumb luck, but what a moment in addition to the start of my life as a forever fan of the Seahawks. Also no surprise that a few years later, I indoctrinated my son Beau50 into the club.

Too many memories over the years, but my career in Radio/TV also gave me the opportunity to play a fundraising basketball game with an all-star Seahawk team against a bunch of us dopey DJ’s from KMWX Radio in Yakima.  What a thrill to hang with some of the old guard guys like DB Don Dufek, DB Dave Brown, DT Steve Niehaus and LB Ken Geddes.

These days I keep Buffalo Wild Wings in business when I can’t get the Hawks game any other way.  Been a 12 before 12’s were a thing and that’ll never change.  So, doing this father/son thing on the Hawks?  Only question is; what took us so long?


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