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New format for Minnesota

Just trying a little something new out!  Give it a try and let us know what you think!  How do you all feel about the game plan going in to this big HUGE game!?  Also because we like to contemplate things early, what do you think needs to be our biggest offseason priority?  Wilson?  Frank Clark?  Something else?


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$33 Million!!! REALLY!?

Ok you guys pops and I are talking about changing some things up with regard to the format.  A little shorter for those of you on the go!  So keep an eye on us and let us know how we are doing!

Ok so was listening to Brock and Salk today…..I’m a bit disappointed in the myopic vision that apparently exists out there.  The conversation of Russell Wilson’s contract is one that is starting to take place…. we here and Seattle Hawk Talk have been having this conversation for a while already.  Apparently the agreed upon number is about $33 million!  Really!?  This is how much we value Russ?  This is how much you enjoy seeing him take sacks he shouldn’t because he is hanging on to the ball too long?  Oh I know you enjoy seeing Doug Baldwin get pissed because Russ was too busy looking LONG for TOO LONG and didn’t see Doug wide open at his break?  Or the Running Back who swung out into the flat and has 10yds of grass in front of him…..This conversation drives me nuts….Russ is not that valuable to this game plan in my mind and shouldn’t be paid.  I’d offer a reasonable contract and allow him to walk.  I continue to believe in Alex McGough’s potential and this organizations ability to put a great TEAM on the field.  I’d rather see the Hawks pay their O-line and entire Defense!  In this pass happy offense minded league nothing brings me more happiness than watching a dominant Defense crush the dreams of some basketball players with helmets.  Pay Frank Clark, start developing some LB’s and a plan for post Bobby Wagner.  What are we going to do with KJ who has been as integral to our success as most of the other supporting cast.  Thankfully due to unfortunate timing his contract will be cheaper than it might have previously been.  We don’t have to bow down and buy into the narrative of “it’s a quarterback-centric league.  We can change it and value Defense over offense.  Break the trend.  Do it different.  We are the PNW for crying out loud!  Let’s be different.

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A bit behind….

Here’s the latest and greatest.  The boys are coming around today is game day and we face the 9ers…..I have some things I am looking forward too for sure but I’d be more intersted in what you were looking forward too…..Is anyone listening! HAHAHAHA!  Got a bit behind on posting but they are all up on the playlist and the website go check out some of our older posts and shows….are they still relevant?  Hope you enjoy this show as well!


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Chargers post Game and Rams pre

Hey guys, we’ve been busy, Rob50 Won an award at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters annual conference.  He was awarded 1st place in News Cast for the best news cast of the year.  Yes, for all of you who didn’t know Rob50 ALSO has a REAL job….not just editing this show.  But because of that conference we are getting this show out a bit late.  We will do better this week!  Enjoy the Game and GO HAWKS!