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The Rest of the Offense Not Named Russell Wilson

So here’s another shot at a little more insight for what MAY be happening behind the doors at our favorite organization.  Dad and I chat a bit about the rest of the offense.  The national conversation has a tendency to revolve, start, stop, and everything in between with Russell Wilson…..this is not that.

Let’s remember that this is a team game.  This, as much as Russell’s agent would like you to believe, is not Russell-ball, this is Football team.  Doug Baldwin is still one of the premier WR in the entire NFL.  For my money I like him more than anyone else out there.  Yep, more than ANYONE.  I’m not even going to waste time listing people who I am ranking Doug ahead of, I know, I get it, He’s my guy.  His grasp of the passing game, effort, and leadership is second to NONE and he’s MY GUY.

Excited about the run game and in the same breath….I am excited about the O-Line!  You heard it hear.  I am excited about this group.  There isn’t turmoil, there isn’t turn-over.  There is continuity, leadership, and COMPETITION!  I couldn’t be more excited.

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Don’t Be a Moron……

This is a saying that I say to myself and others OFTEN.  This is a saying that I find myself saying a lot as you read/hear some of the stupid ass things that some of the “prognosticators” are saying.  I don’t have anything VERY specific today, just the same old, same old lame theories of what Seattle is trying to do.  Or some of my favorites lately are some of the articles that are coming out that DIRECTLY CONTRADICT another article you’ve read somewhere else.  Is anyone paying attention?  I mean come on, how is it possible that Duane Brown is awesome, Ethan Pocic is part of the “best under 25″ team, Britt is a solid all pro, Fluker is a road grader, and Ifedi is on track to be one of the better lineman in the NFL AND STILL HAVE A CRAP OL?!!!!  Yeah I get it that is a run on sentence.  But come on seriously!  How can the individuals be solid and yet the team doesn’t work…..I doubt it….seems a little more coaching philosophy and game strategy to me.  Or how about the continued conversation about how, other than Doug Baldwin our receiving core is terrible?  Really?  Did Russell throw the ball to himself last year?  I mean everyone is sucking his nuts and raving about how amazing he is after last years amazing statistical season…..was no one on the other end of that pass?  I for one couldn’t be more excited about our receiving core.  I love Doug of course and for those of you that are learning or trying to learn the Wide Receiver position watch Doug, watch his routes, watch his blocking, watch what he does off the ball when plays go away from him.  I’m excited about Amarah Darboh is set to make a big step, mark my words.  I continue to be excited to see what Tanner McEvoy will do if given the chance.  I mean let’s just dream you little dreamers for a moment of a set with 6’6″ McEvoy and 6’5” B. Marsh lined up on the same side….Maybe even stick in a Vannett too……HOW WOULD YOU START TO GUARD THAT!?  Jaron Brown has been brought in and could see some good targets.  The point is I love this group.

We could go on like this all day…..point is DON’T BE A MORON.  Check out the athletic profiles of the people that we have.  Don’t just look at the stats, look beyond that and know  Pete is a great developer of talent.

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Are you kidding me!

Today we added another big bodied receiver.  Ummm…..hold on.  While this could be a wonderful addition are we not going to talk about the continued giant elephant in the room?  If Russell doesn’t get rid of the ball in a reasonable amount of time what is the point in getting another possession receiver?  Look Brandon Marshall is great.  Go check some of the highlights on YouTube, I’ll even provide the link!  But if you (Russell) are going to continue to look all the way down field EVERY play then what is the freaking point.  Get Brandon the ball and let him get you the 1st down.  You can’t win games by yourself and you certainly can’t win on a single throw.  Start throwing the timing routes ON TIME.  Start letting your receivers break a tackle and get more yards than was expected.  BE A PROFESSIONAL.  IF you (Russell) do that Brandon Marshall is an incredible pick up on a very team friendly deal.  It gives you the latitude to be very picky in the WR room.  It increases that “positional group competition” level we have talked about before.  I believe McEvoy deserves a healthy look this year and the opportunity to prove himself in a few games.  If he can’t do it this year move on, but let’s not keep this kid as a part of the active roster and not use 6’6″ 230lb reciever!  Let’s have a bigs package for crying out loud!  I’m both excited and curious about the move today.

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