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The Rest of the Offense Not Named Russell Wilson

So here’s another shot at a little more insight for what MAY be happening behind the doors at our favorite organization.  Dad and I chat a bit about the rest of the offense.  The national conversation has a tendency to revolve, start, stop, and everything in between with Russell Wilson…..this is not that.

Let’s remember that this is a team game.  This, as much as Russell’s agent would like you to believe, is not Russell-ball, this is Football team.  Doug Baldwin is still one of the premier WR in the entire NFL.  For my money I like him more than anyone else out there.  Yep, more than ANYONE.  I’m not even going to waste time listing people who I am ranking Doug ahead of, I know, I get it, He’s my guy.  His grasp of the passing game, effort, and leadership is second to NONE and he’s MY GUY.

Excited about the run game and in the same breath….I am excited about the O-Line!  You heard it hear.  I am excited about this group.  There isn’t turmoil, there isn’t turn-over.  There is continuity, leadership, and COMPETITION!  I couldn’t be more excited.

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A little different…..

This post is going to be a bit different from anything else you potentially read today. If you’re looking for sports…we will get to that, but tonight something else.

For those of you who ACTUALLY know me you know that Veterans are a “thing” for me. Yes I am a Veteran too, but it’s more than that. As a citizen I am proud of them. All of them. Tonight I wanted to remind people that training camp is exciting. Hell I am excited more than most. But there are men and women that are overseas in Forward assignments that will only dream of the amount of information you and I take for granted.

I know it’s odd. Training camp started and this seems like a little bit of a downer. I just wanted to acknowledge my brothers and sisters and their fight. There will be emotionally charged articles, interviews, and demonstrations all year but here, on this site, this podcast, these good old 12’s at, we remember you. We will always tip the hat and take a moment to recognize your sacrifice and love.

For those of you who know a Veteran or Active duty person, reach out. I wish I could put the song on here that inspired this whole Blog. John Michael Montgomery’s “Letters from Home”. I’d post it but there are probably a hundred rules I’d break. But I can tell you, from experience it’s true, all of it. So reach out write a quick note. Help them “drive on” through whatever challenge they have.

We will get back to sports tomorrow but for tonight take a moment, not a knee, a moment to recognize them.


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Moneyball and Russell Wilson


If there was ONE podcast that people listened to I would want it to be this one.  It exemplifies all things that I would want our listeners to hear.  Pertinent issues that are not being talked about in the national media yet.  “Xtra points” regarding current play on the team.  A different point of view that provides a level of insight into what is probably going on behind closed doors.

Listen, you may or may not get your panties in a twist after hearing what we have to say.  But right, wrong, or indifferent to the issue, AN ISSUE exists.  We as 12’s aren’t talking about it much yet because it isn’t being talked about in the national conversation yet….but rest assured it will be….soon.  This is why Dad and I started this whole thing to begin with.  We like to chat-chickens for sure but also the national conversation typically revolves around “dem Boys” and “that team in Boston”.  We are not them.  We aren’t the darlings of the league any more and we aren’t coming off a SB victory.  Hell even when we were we didn’t get the press that we deserved.  Dad and I found ourselves talking about something only to hear about it in the national conversation months later.  This is another one of those issues.  Another example would be the Linebacker conversations we’ve had… an article on BR the other day that called our Linebacker room the strongest positional group…..Ummmm sure it is, as long as no one gets hurt.  I see the “strongest positional group” as the one that has the highest level of competition and the back-ups are pushing for playing time.  We are strong at CB, WR, RB, OL, DL, and even though it’s a stretch our Safeties…WITHOUT Earl.  But we can talk about that later….

SO listen to this podcast…it’s a little like pulling Santa Clause’s pants down or spitting into his eye but it’s time we love our team for what it is, and don’t keep calling Russell the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Although he’s done some amazing things statistically and even made some pretty amazing plays, I don’t know if there is another QB in the league that has continually put his team in such difficult spots to begin with.


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Mr. McGough…..

Just wandering the internet today and ran across this pre-draft video and thought it might be pertinent given what Dad and I laid down yesterday that should be coming soon!  Timing is as important as being able to extend plays with your legs!


so Check it out, like share follow and let us know how we are doing!



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Earl Podcast and some other thoughts….

So as I was looking at the last post I realized I made sure the newest podcast was on the front page player but not included in a blog….so here ya go!

As I continue to stew on this whole situation I can’t help but remember Steve Largent!  Maybe it’s cause Dad is in town and we are waxing poetic about when I was younger and a fan then.  Remember when Seattle was a perennial loser!?  Man as 12’s back then we would have been stoked for 9-7 instead of acting like the world was coming to an end! But back to Steve Largent, he was often critized for not going after more money.  His reply would always be something like, “we signed a contract and I will fulfill my obligation”.  Compare that to, “come get me bro”, or “I’ll be rich and happy somewhere”.  It’s a bit off putting.  I enjoy me some ETIII but “come get me bro”….really!?  I’ll be happy when this whole thing is over so we can get back to the game.  Not contracts, the game.  Where people come to compete and be better than yesterday.

Also as a side note….I don’t think Seattle is going to pay him.  I think if the right trade came they’d jump on it, just like you would jump on a better financial opportunity.  But they aren’t gonna give someone the deal of the century because Earl is being pissy.  Go ahead and pound your fists and cry like a toddler.  At the end of the day it is Earl who will lose out.  The market isn’t amazing for Safeties.  Sure, he will command top of the market, but if he holds out Seattle saves money, maybe spend it elswhere.  If he holds out all year some GM’s and coaches will be turned off and he shrinks the market.  So, good luck Earl.

I’m good.  Let him be a whining toddler.  Just let him be that outside the locker room.  We are trying to compete.  Trying to bring back the magic of a physically dominant, competitive team that doesn’t give up 40-7 games at home.  Because Earl that’s what I will remember.  The veteran leadership was still there last year pal.  Where were you then?  Were you bitching about coaching too much to rally the troops?

Hey I hope you guys enjoy the podcast.  Stand by for more.  Like Share Follow.  Help us get this thing a bit bigger!